Monday, January 19, 2015

weekending :: Emma's ears edition

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope y'all had a great weekend!

We stared our weekend off SUPER early (we woke up at 4:00 am) to take Emma to the hospital for tubes and adenoids surgery. Our sweet friend, Mrs. Jenni, came over at 4:40 to be at our house with Hudson so that John and I could both go to the hospital with Emma. So thankful for sweet friends when we live far away from family. Before she got her sleepy juice she was full of energy and making every doctor and nurse laugh. Love my girl!

She kept talking about Dr. Black and that he was going to make her ears all better. Sweet girl.

Post "sleepy juice." She was singing "A is for apple, ah ah apple. B is for ball, ba ba ball. C is for cat, cah, cah, cat." Etc. But she was CRAZY groggy so it was so hilarious.

The sleepy juice had fully kicked in and they took her back. We did great...we knew God had it, it was very routine and she would only be in surgery for 20ish minutes. We went and got some coffee, talked for a few minutes and then heard she was out and did great. 

Everything went perfect. Dr. Black said her ears had thick (like Elmer's glue) fluid behind them and her adenoids were huge and completely obstructing the back of her nose. He said her tonsils will probably have to come out in a few years. They're already so swollen but there's no reason to take them out now. She was fussy and sleepy but did great.

She fell asleep on me after we got home for about 20 minutes. Sweet sleeping toddler.

That evening she PUT AWAY some Mexican food. She had only had applesauce, yogurt, jello, and pudding all day so she was starving.

Saturday we loaded up our bikes and headed to the park. It was GORGEOUS.

I can't believe she's old enough to do this! Emma followed Hudson around the whole park doing what he did.

Such a fun afternoon!

Emma didn't sleep well Saturday night, which means I didn't sleep well so we stayed home from church yesterday. While I was painting my nails, she filed her's. :)

Happy Monday, friends! xo

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#woodslifeeveryday2015 week 2

Day 8: Today's cold weather pre-dinner activity is brought to you by Play-doh. Tonight I'm thankful for the big pot of chicken tortilla soup simmering on the stove and the fact that we have water. Our pipes froze last night and we woke up to only cold water in the kitchen and no water at all in the bathroom. Stay warm, y'all!

Day 9: This WILD girl of mine is getting her adenoids removed and tubes put in next Friday! You wouldn't know it by the way she acted at the doctor today, but she has not been herself for the last few months. I'm looking forward to having my girl back! The doctor said her ears could not be any worse. I can't imagine how good she is going to feel after being so uncomfortable for so long.

Day 10: Crazy eyes!

Day 11: It's been a relaxing Sunday afternoon with these 2. We've jumped, played trains, read books, and built Zoob things. And now a little Daniel Tiger before dinner.

Day 12: I always love subbing at the kids' school but when I get to be in one of their classes it's even more fun! Today I was in Hudson's class and he is "bee of the week" (last time I subbed in his class he was bee of the week too!!) so he got to bring a show & tell. He chose to bring a train and was so sweet telling his friends all about Luke. He also invited them all over to play trains. Love his sweet heart.

Day 13: John recently did something to our Apple TV (so technical, I know) so that both of our Instagram accounts are now the screen saver. The kids (and John & I) love watching all of our memories scroll through.

Day 14: Today was a good day. Nothing great happened but the kids played well together and were happy. But I am so over this cold weather. I need to go play outside with my kids. In the meantime, I'll be reading this and watching my kids play.

random pics from the last week

I feel like the last week and weekend have been pretty low key. Last weekend we didn't do a whole lot except for a marriage conference at church. It was so good and John and I both got a lot out of it.

It's been so cold so we've been doing lots of indoor activities. I'm ready for spring!

My little gothic girl. 

Last Friday, Emma had an ENT consult for tubes for her ears. We found out she will be getting tubes and having her adenoids removed. More on that later.

Helping make pizza for dinner before the marriage conference. 

Making silly faces with my loves.

Hudson will randomly come up to me and say, "let's take a selfie mommy!" Love!

I subbed at the kids' school on Monday and Hudson was "busy bee of the week" and got to bring a show and tell. He brought one of his trains. :)

I've been reading Gone Girl and oh my word...this book is so good. Twisted and messed up, but so good! I'm hoping to finish this weekend so we can watch the movie.

silly faces in the storage containers.

Tonight Hudson sat down and said, "let's talk mommy." Love my boy.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

#woodslifeeveryday2015 week 1

Here we go again! I am excited to be doing this again. I meant to post this earlier today, but here is what our day looked like. Let me rewind a little by saying last nigh when we went to bed, we had all of our faucets dripping. It's only 3 (super small house) but still. When I woke up this morning the only one still running was the kitchen. And only the cold worked. So I skipped my shower and just got ready. I subbed at the kids' school today, and thankfully when we got home around 1:30 all of the faucets were working with both hot and cold water. Hallelujah! Anyway, I was tired this afternoon and all I managed to accomplish was prepping dinner. So now I'm on the couch about to fall asleep, but determined to post this because I don't want to fall behind on blogging again only 1 week in to 2015. ha!

Day 1: Last night was so much fun but I'm so excited to have a lazy day at home with these 2 and their daddy. Happy New Year!

Day 2: I just put a diaper back on Emma. Either she's not ready or her strong willed personality won. Either way, I'm not one for forcing potty training and making it a battle. She only had 2 accidents yesterday and has had at least 8 today and it's not even noon. She started screaming every time I'd put her on the potty. Not worth it. We will try again in a few months. We are both happier now. Also, poor Oliver. 

Day 3: Hudson just told me they're making carrot and french fry soup (bleh!) in the car on their way to go swimming at the Homewood Pool. ha!

Day 4: He walked up to me, kissed my head, then asked me to help him put his undies on. I've never been asked to help someone put underwear on so sweetly before. :)

Day 5: Hudson is a pro at this jumpy thing. Emma is still figuring it out. Tonight he was trying to teach her how to do it and it was so precious. "Stand on the red part, Emma. Now pull up tight and jump!" She got a couple jumps in and he ran up to her and gave her a big hug and said, "Great job, Emma!" #heartmelted

Day 6: We LOVED getting to see Lori and Eddie (not pictured) in Birmingham! Thankful for our Victoria friends. 

Day 7: This is our "oh my goodness it's going to be 10 degrees tomorrow" face! #doyouwanttobuildasnowman #whereisthesnow

sidebar: it was 8 degrees when I woke up. And it only got up to 30 degrees today. Thankfully tomorrow will be a high of 38. :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

weekending :: crazy lazy edition!

Happy Monday, y'all! We had a super low key and relaxing weekend which was FABULOUS! 

So when we last "talked" I think I told y'all that we were potty training Emma. IT DID NOT WORK. HA! She is very strong willed and from the time she woke up on Friday until noon she had at least 8 accidents, 2 successes and would SCREAM every time I put her on the potty. I went into this knowing that if it was going to be a battle then we would wait. So I asked her if she wanted to wear a diaper and she could not have said "YES!" any faster. So we will try again in a few months. So after she got her diaper on, she decorated Oliver. haha!

John went back to work on Friday and Emma decided to be a hot mess all day. 

Friday night we went to dinner at the Mexican food restaurant by our house. We usually walk but it was cold and rainy so we loaded up in the Yukon to drive 2 blocks. ha! While we waited on dinner Hudson and Emma were giving lots of kisses back and forth across the table. :)

After dinner we got ice cream at our favorite place. 

Saturday morning John was at church working on a new music library renovation project so we sent him funny faces. 

And these 2 were making french fry and carrot soup while driving to the Homewood Pool. haha!

Saturday afternoon was amazingly lazy. 

Sunday after church we went to eat at Taziki's. Emma tasted some feta and said "I can't wike it. It's so spicy." ha!

Hudson has been coming up to me constantly lately and kissing my head. It's been the sweetest thing ever. Ever. Love my boy.

After the kids went to bed on Sunday night, John and I had our last Blue Apron meal. Some friends gave us a free trial for a few meals and we've enjoyed it so much. Last night's meal was shrimp paella!

Have a great week, friends! xo

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