Friday, September 19, 2014

our week!

We've had a great week over here! And I am looking forward to this weekend. When I looked at my planner this morning to see what we had going was BLANK!! Woohoo!! It's always nice to have a weekend with nothing to do. 

Tuesday night we hosted Supper Club at our house. We had so much fun and the kids' favorite part was of course dessert.

This was their first time having cheesecake and needless to say, they loved it.

We eat supper at church on Wednesday nights. The kids love it because they're guaranteed chocolate milk and dessert. My girl LOVES chocolate. To her, anything that is chocolate is "chock-chock milk." So she was enjoying some "chock-chock milk and chock-chock milk cake!" :) 

On Thursday morning when I opened my bible to work on my bible study I found this. I remember when Emma did this last year when she was around a year old. Love this so much. 

While the kids were in school on Thursday I had some errands to run and then got to enjoy a kid-free lunch with my sweet friend, Jen! Love her!

MELT MY HEART. Emma brought this home from school on Thursday. 

And just now when I was uploading pics from my phone I found these. One of Hudson's legs...

And one of Emma's leg. Love these littles so much. Have a great weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 37

Day 253: We stayed home all day since Emma wasn't feeling well. When she went to bed she was back to her normal self. I'm so thankful for our day at home. They played so well together and were so sweet all day. Love these two.

Day 254: Picnic dinner and fun at the park tonight!

Day 255: Having fun at Audrey and Addison's birthday party tonight!

Day 256: Family walk this afternoon with my favorite people! We found a stick bug and explored all around our neighborhood. We finished off our night at E&B's house for dinner. Fun Saturday!

Day 257: Their favorite thing right now is watching me dance in the video monitor. Listening to their giggles while I act a fool is the best.

Day 258: I said, "smile!" and they started eating the heads of their Zubels. #reallife

Day 259: The little one kept chalking all over the board and the big one was getting annoyed. So daddy stepped in a drew a line. It actually worked! Ha!

Monday, September 15, 2014

weekend wrap up!

We had a great weekend! Fun things in the evenings but relaxing days. Kind of perfect.

Little girl in a big yard. 

Thursday night we picked up dinner at Zaxby's and headed to the park for a picnic and play time. This is such a fun's all wood! We had so much fun.

Hudson is able to pull his pants up after he goes potty if he hasn't fully taken them off of his feet. But if he does he has a harder time putting them back on. We usually help him but lately I've been trying to get him to do it all on his own. This was the outcome on Friday...inside out and backwards. And I didn't fix it. :)

We had a fun family lunch at Zoe's on Friday. The kids are salad obsessed and John and the kids finished off my salad for me.

Me and my girl taking selfies while we waited for the boys to finish up.

Friday night our friends Audrey and Addison had a joint birthday party. We had so much fun going to celebrate them! Audrey and Emma are such sweet little friends. 

Saturday during the day we were lazy and didn't do much. It was so nice.

We went on a walk late Saturday afternoon around the neighborhood. 

The boys were much faster than Emma and I so we took selfies again. :)

For dinner on Saturday night we went to Eric and Brittany's house. Hudson and Emma loved their new piano!

Sunday we went to church, and after naps we just played at home. 

The kids current favorite thing is watching me dance and act a fool on the video monitor. I try to be cool but I'm so lame. ha!

Sunday night I had a meeting at church so when I told Emma that we were going back to church and that she would get to see daddy this was her response. Sweet girl loves her daddy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Random pictures from our week!

So, I just got home from getting drug tested. hahaha! It's not for anything major...I am going to start subbing at the kids preschool and it's a part of the application packet. :) Anyway, it's been a good week. I was telling John last night that after I put the kids to bed I had one of those "it's been a really great day" moments. We stayed home all day since Emma has an ear infection and it was great. Usually if we are home all day (which rarely happens anymore) the kids get so restless and stir-crazy.  They had their moments yesterday and they each had to go to timeout but it was a really fun day. I went to bed last night so thankful.

Tuesday afternoon when Emma woke up from her nap she was SO FUSSY. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "my ears hurt." I had been asking her for a few days (since she's been fussy for a few days) if her ears hurt so I wasn't sure if she was just repeating what she's been hearing or if she was actually hurting. But her fussiness was not normal so I called the doctor. There weren't any appointments left so we went to the after hours clinic. Hudson is all into doing "afrobats" anywhere he can these days. That's what he was doing here. haha!

The high chair is no longer in the house (well, it's in the attic) and now they both like sitting at the table in big chairs. Love these sweet sleepy eyes and bed heads. 

Hudson's teacher sent me these precious pictures of him from school on Monday. 

I am so thankful he loves school so much.

Yesterday afternoon we spent a little bit of time in our bed watching Mickey Mouse on the computer. It might be time to get a TV in our room. :)

Her favorite thing right now is having "covers" any time she is laying down or sitting. Love her. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 36

Day 246: She woke up super cuddly and crying for daddy. So we are snuggling on the couch. Also, the sun is making my roots look cray. Please tell me they don't always look like this!

Day 247: Just a normal, calm Thursday around here.

Day 248: The little one is spitting ice cream and the big one is using his spoon to scratch his head. Happy Friday!

Day 249: What happened to my baby and who is this big girl?

Day 250: They both insisted on sitting in big chairs tonight. I loved seeing them laugh and talk together. Watching them grow and learn and love each other is simply the best.

Day 251: And then my heart melted.

Day 252: Sonic picnic for dinner in the car while we wait for Emma's prescription. We went to after care this evening because my mommy instinct told me she had an ear infection and turns out it's a bad double ear infection. But at least she's happy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A post on Tuesday all about Monday. :)

Hudson goes to school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Emma only goes on Tuesday and Thursday so I get one on one time with my girl every Monday. I love it...but also wish I had a day with just my boy. One on one time is so sweet. 

Yesterday we had a couple errands to run. The dry cleaner and Target. When we pulled up at the dry cleaner and the sweet lady came to our car, she starts talking to Emma. Emma IMMEDIATELY says, "I wan sucker!" So this sweet woman says, "well hahahaha! What color Miss Emma?" Emma of course responds with her favorite color..."YELLOW!" She was thrilled when she got her yellow sucker. 

John was home for lunch yesterday and Emma was eating at the same time. I looked over from the kitchen and these two 

Also, she now refuses to sit in her highchair. So she's sitting in Hudson's toddler chair. Yesterday during nap time I took the highchair apart and cleaned it like crazy and it's now in the attic. First time in 3 years we haven't had a highchair at the table. :( Emma is now using the toddler chair and Hudson is sitting in a regular chair. Everyone loves their new seats at the table. :)

After the 4th outfit change of the day it was time to go pick up Hudson. Emma INSISTED on wearing her "pik bow" and "orn shoes." Love her sassy little personality so much.

Monday, September 8, 2014

super low key weekend!

We had a wonderful but super low key weekend. 

Thursday night Hudson was so excited about his new dinosaur jammies. 

Friday morning we hung out in our jammies and ate popcorn. Right after Emma dumped her popcorn she said, "uh oh paw corn!" She's obsessed with her new boots. Old Navy FTW.

Friday night we walked to Edgewood to have dinner at La Bamba followed by ice cream. Hudson was scratching his ear with a spoon and Emma was spitting her ice cream. Hot mess express over here.

On our way to dinner we stopped in at church and these littles went nuts. Wide open spaces!

Saturday morning John had the first Christmas choir rehearsal so the kids and I lounged around. Or hung out upside down. Whatever floats your boat, Hudson.

Oh and I just realized this picture was taken when John was home...those are his legs and not mine. ha!

John and I went to dinner at some friends' house on Saturday night while H&E stayed home with a sitter. Hudson LOVES having babysitters. Emma not so much. But how adorable does she look here?!? And so grown up.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and did the normal lunch, then naps. Then we spent some time in the hallway screaming. Because that's a favorite activity around here. They close all the doors and just yell. 

We had a special speaker at church on Sunday night so we went to church at 6 and got home about 7:15. As I announced, "5 minutes until bedtime!" Hudson says, "but mommy, I'm hungry." #momfail TOTALLY FORGOT to feed my kids dinner! Y'all. So here they are eating leftover pizza (from the babysitter night) at 7:30 pm. #winning

A simple weekend but full of sweet times with my family. I love these 3 more than anything.