Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 33

Day 225: We had so much fun at the McWane Center this morning with our sweet friends!

Day 226: Popcorn and Super Why. 2 extremely happy campers.

Day 227: Operation stop sucking all the things begins now. They only use pacis or suck fingers in bed so we are close. We cut the tips off of all of Emma's pacis and Hudson's fingers have bandaids on them. (But I took them off before his nap because I was afraid he would choke on a bandaid. Any tips for finger suckers?!?!) Neither one looks thrilled but it only took Emma 5 minutes to fall asleep with her ineffective pacis!

Day 228: I'd say it was a good mail day for Hudson and me!

Day 229: Neighborhood watch!

Day 230: They're my favorite. 

Day 231: He's been doing this for a few months now but I'm still so proud. This usually happens unprompted! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

random pics from last week

Lately Emma has wanted to do EVERYTHING that Hudson does. Like eat cereal with milk at the table. It makes her look just way too big.

Hudson started doing this and yells, "look mommy! I'm doing afrobats." hahahaha!

One evening last week we walked to go get some ice cream. These kids LOVE them some ice cream.

Last week was a pretty normal, low key week which is always nice!

Monday, August 18, 2014

weekend recap!

We had a really great weekend! Friday morning we took the kids to the dentist for the first time. Hudson did GREAT! Emma did good too, but she is still so young so she sat in my lap and laid down with her head in the dentist's lap. She just had a basic cleaning. Good news is neither kid has any cavities! 

Dancing in the waiting room. My girl has got some serious moves. hahaha!

After the dentist we took the kids to the McWane Center and oddly I didn't take any pictures! We went another day last week so I'll be sure to post those pictures. It's such a great children's museum.

The dentist told us that Emma needed to be done with her paci by the time she is 2. She only gets it in her bed but I have been dreading messing with sleep. Hudson also only sucks his fingers when he sleeps but that's not really something we can "take away." When we got home on Friday John cut the tips of all (ALL) of Emma's pacis. She did great during her nap on Friday. She didn't sleep quite as long as she usually does but I was proud of how she did.

Friday night John and the kids went out to eat and I went to church for a women's seminar. The speaker is a local counselor and she is incredible. I did her study last semester and I was so excited to hear her speak live. After the seminar Friday night a big group of girls went out to eat at Brio. I'm so thankful for these ladies!

I was back at church Saturday morning for the last 2 sessions and John and the kids had a fun morning. They played outside for a little bit and I believe Hudson was telling John here, "It will be fine, daddy." haha!

They walked down to E&B's house and recruited them to go to the park.

After the kids napped we headed to the Summit to kill some time. Saturday was the longest day! The kids' naps were super short and we didn't have a lot planned so we grabbed some lemonades from Urban Cookhouse and just sat outside relaxing and talking. The weather was so nice!

And Emma was making silly faces. :)

Saturday night was ROUGH. Emma screamed for 1 1/2 hours because she was so mad that her pacis had holes in them. 

Hudson has a clock that turns green when it's okay for him to get out of bed. Otherwise, he is out of bed by 5am which is NOT OKAY. He usually wakes up around 6:30 and so it's always fun to watch him wait for his clock to turn green at 6:57. 

After church we were eating lunch and Hudson was telling us all of the things that God made. Then he said, "and God made this!" and he made this face. Dead. haha!

My little stalkers watching everyone walk by. 

We are so sticker and bandaid obsessed lately. So Emma had some sticker sleeves going on which I'm sure is the toddler equivalent of tattoo sleeves. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend wrap-up...1 week late!

I'm not sure what happened last week. Every time I would think about blogging I would get distracted with something else and before I knew it I'd gone over a week without posting. Oh well... :) Here is a little bit from our weekend last weekend. It was super low key.

Friday night John and I had plans to go out for our anniversary but about an hour before our sitter was supposed to show up it started crazy storming and our power kept flickering and wouldn't stay on. So we called and cancelled because the last thing we wanted was for a babysitter to be stuck at our house with 2 toddlers and no power. 

So we stayed in, the kids wrestled with John, we put them to bed early, and then picked up takeout for dinner. 

Saturday morning I did some baking with my girl. I had some bananas that were no longer edible but perfect for banana muffins. So we made a mini version and she had so much fun trying to scoop the batter out.

The kids stayed in their jammies most of the day and we just relaxed and played.

Sunday after we church we went to eat at Chuy's. After lunch the boys had to make a potty stop so Emma and I took selfies. :) The sun was crazy bright. And it was an hour past her nap time. :)

That night John and I went over to some friends house for a poolside party. Again...before we left the kids and I did our favorite pastime...selfies. 

It was such a great low key weekend with my favorite people.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 32

Day 218: We are soaking up the last week at the pool! Hudson never put on his puddle jumper today. He was swimming all over the place on his own!

Day 219: Thursday night picnic dinner with these 2 silly littles.

Day 220: Hudson and Emma LOVE wrestling with daddy!

Day 221: Making mini banana muffins with my girl.

Day 222: #nailedit #seefood

Day 223: She is pretty much the messiest sucker eater ever. Blue sticky mess everywhere. Even her eyebrow and eyelashes.

Day 224: Walking up and finding them playing so sweetly together is one of my most favorite things ever. Love these two!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Some randoms from this week that are just too cute not to share. 

We adore our babysitter, Anna Beth. Hudson and Emma just love her and we are going to be so sad (but also SO EXCITED) when she leaves for Baylor in a couple weeks.

These 2 can certainly rock some sunglasses. hahaha!

We went to a park one afternoon with one of Hudson's sweet friends from school last year. Hudson and Mary Katherine are such precious friends.

A dinner picnic is always more fun than eating at the table!

I posted this on IG earlier today. I have no words for my girl.

A little wrestling with daddy

Happy Friday friends! Have a great weekend. :)